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Stop Drugs Ukraine is a project of the NGO "Ruh Zmin," whose activities are aimed at combating drug crime and publishing information on preventing the spread and trafficking of drugs

Together with the Municipal Police, we are conducting not the first and not the last action to fight the illicit trafficking of drugs distributed through the Internet.


What we do?

Cleaning cities from bookmarks

Activists hold sweep action of advertisements of telegrams channels and bots for drug distribution in residential areas of Ukrainian cities.

We cooperate with local authorities

Stop Drugs cooperates with the National Police of Ukraine and cooperates with the Health Committee of Ukraine. Our team is also works with dozens of charitable foundations

We expose


Our team monitors the dealer's activities and their sales channels daily. We detain dealers and hand them over to law enforcement agencies in Ukrainian cities

We carry out educational work with youth

We carry out educational work with youth. We are involved in educational activities together with representatives of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra. Our team involves public figures and activists ready to fight the drug movement in Ukraine.

We expose places of drug procurement

Our team goes to drug distribution and procurement centers. We are "cleansing" and handing over "drug farms" to law enforcement agencies.

We help with drug addiction treatment

Our team not only helps reduce the spread of drugs but also treats people with various addictions at the state-of-the-art "New Way" Rehabilitation Center.

The "Ruh Zmin" and Stop Drugs invite those who care to join the good cause. Please do not stay away. Join the joint project because, together, we are a force!

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