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Assistance to Ukraine is a charitable volunteer project of the NGO "Ruh Zmin"to combat Russian military aggression

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In these challenging times, our country has suffered a disaster from Russian aggression. It calls -  like anything else than the genocide of the ukrainian nation. Our team can not stay away because there are people who are in dire need of our decisive action and strong support!

Ensuring public safety is our goal, so we help evacuate people from hotspots and conduct rescue operations. We provide humanitarian help - essentials, hygiene products, warm clothing, and medicine. We are creating logistics depots to provide humanitarian aid across the country.

Our goal


Millions of people lose their homes, jobs, families, and material support. More than 4 million people were displaced as they were forced to flee their homes or remain in humanitarian disaster areas.

But the Ukrainian people are so easy not to break! Our unity and courage will help us overcome the enemy and clean our lands from invaders!

Our team

Our team supports our military and unification of territorial defense where possible. We supply overalls and equipment, flashlights, shoes, warm clothing, and other essential items for combat and protection. Many of our volunteers are personally involved in the fighting.

Directions of help



Together with international humanitarian funds, we provide various humanitarian assistance to hotspots and war zones. Tracking all transactions and logistics

Assistance for

displaced persons

We collect things for IDPs, help with housing, and create additional headquarters for heating and food.



We collect humanitarian and military aid for our defenders, sending it to headquarters and to the points where hostilities occur. We also cooperate with international foundations.



Our volunteer psychologists provide free psychological assistance to anyone in need, both online and offline, 24/7

Territorial defense assistance

The entire community of Kyiv and the "Ruh Zmin" joined in helping our territorial defense. We buy equipment, personal protective equipment, food, and medicine. Our volunteers also help build a defense



Together with medical organizations in Kyiv, we have created field first aid stations for all those who need them. Also, we help with the logistics of medicines in different parts of Ukraine

Donation to

Ruh Zmin

Help Ukraine

💳 5375 4115 0476 2282 UAH Monobank

💳 5168 7456 1012 5822 UAH Privat Bank

💳 5375 4112 1105 1839 Monobank

Account details

Recipient: NGO "Movement of Changes"

Code: 41900459

Bank account: UA233005280000026009000019287 in JSC "OTP BANK", MFO 300528


Up-to-date report on our activities

We are strong in spirit. We are a free nation, which is why Ukraine will win! Ukraine is our home, where we will not allow the invaders and occupiers to rule!

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