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Village Moshchun - humanitarian aid

The village Moshchun, Kyiv region, has become one of the mainstays of the capital's defense.

Due to active hostilities, the village is almost destroyed by the russian army. Now it's one of the most destroyed settlements in the Kyiv region.

Two thousand buildings were destroyed and formed more than 1,597 craters by the shells.

Moshchun could become a gateway for the enemy on the way to the capital. Ukrainian defenders blew up bridges and pontoon crossings, preventing the enemy from advancing. They held Moshchun. And this protected Kyiv.

Now the surviving inhabitants of this village need humanitarian and psychological help!

We collect all utensils, pillows, blankets, bed linen, water tanks, garden accessories, oilcloths, and everything that can come in handy on the farm! People are left without a roof over their heads. They live in terrible conditions!

Together we are strong!

Many thanks to Ruh Zmin, Andrii Koshara, and Zoya Nikityuk for providing utensils for the villagers.


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