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Aid with dinners to Gostomel

In unity is strength!

Today, as every day for a month, thanks to the Headquarters of the Ruh Zmin Help to Ukraine, an average of 300 ready-made lunches were brought to Gostomel for our Armed Forces, TRO, communal workers, and volunteers who work and help in Gostomel.

Thank you, Maxym Osetskiy and Andrii Koshara, for the organization !!!

Ukrainians! We will win! We will rebuild everything! Let's restore everything!

Glory to Ukraine!

Glory to Ukraine!
If you know those who need help - send this message and join our channel We have launched a chatbot in a telegram (in the channel's information), which will help to quickly contact our volunteers and deliver what is needed as soon as possible.

Together we are strong!

Glory to Ukraine!

If you can help, every hryvnia is important! To help:

  • 5375 4115 0476 2282 UAH Monobank

  • 5168 7456 1012 5822 UAH Privat Bank

  • 5375 4188 0914 7937 $ Monobank


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